Why Should License Plate Recognition System Be Used on Highways?

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It is used in KGYS (MOBESE) projects. The system, which was developed in line with the needs of the police department, allows the capture of stolen and wanted vehicles.

Highway application is a software developed for the identification of license plates of vehicles on the highway.

The system makes identification on the images taken thanks to the cameras placed on the highway lanes. Identified license plates are recorded in the database and can be queried. Searched vehicle inquiries are made from the web service of the General Directorate of Security or from the local database. In case of a possible notification of the vehicle plates being questioned, the system gives an audible and visual warning.

The system has been specially designed to provide and supervise the control of vehicles entering and leaving settlements, traffic density and traffic flow. Thanks to the application, the number of vehicles entering the city and exiting the city allows to determine the density between hours.

Nowadays, with the developing software technology, not only the license plates but also the brands and colors of the vehicles can be detected. It is thought that this feature will be of great benefit to the Police Department in the capture of wanted (notified) vehicles.

Highway License Plate Recognition System Benefits

Keeping city entrances and exits under control, city security

• Tracking and questioning of stolen or wanted vehicles

• Vehicle density measurements of highways

Making strategic transportation analyzes of highways

• Automatic processing of whether vehicles passing through the cameras installed on the highway are stolen or searched by making inquiries from the EGM database (POLNET) or local database.

• Visual and audible warning of a searched vehicle in the center based on these inquiries

• Keeping the records of all vehicles passing through the cameras (Plate, Date, Passing Point)

• Making strategic transportation analyzes of the province or district in terms of highway and accordingly making the necessary evaluations

• Establishment of smart traffic systems Usage areas: Gendarmerie Commands Police Departments Regional Directorates of Highways Provincial and District Municipalities Controlled Waypoints

License Plate RecognitionServer Software (Management and Reporting)

– POLNET Inquiry (Stolen, Seized, Lost Plate, etc.)

– Blacklist Creation (Audible and Visual Alert Notification to Banned Vehicles)

– Date and Time Based Pictorial and Very Detailed Reporting of Passing Vehicles – License Plate Query (With Different Functions / Wildcards)

– Ability to Get Word, Excel, PDF Picture Report, (Export from Excel

– Export to Excel

– Automatic Mail Sending Reports to the Desired Address at the Desired Time

– User Authorization (Creating Authorization Levels)

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