Isaf Security Safety ; The ISAF Exhibition, which has grown at great rates every year since the first day it was held, was moved to larger halls in 2021, in parallel with this growth, due to the inadequacy of the halls where it had been held for many years. The main purpose of this change in ISAF, which was moved to larger areas (Hall 5-6-7) in the Istanbul Expo Center, is to ensure the participation of companies that could not attend due to the fact that the fair area was completely filled in the past years, and to meet the growth in the sector.

In addition, with the growth of the exhibition area, the Homeland Security sector, which has been planned for a long time at the ISAF Security Exhibition, is also included in the scope. 

With this change, an important demand from both the sector and ISAF visitors will be answered. With the existing growth potential of ISAF Exhibition, the growth of the exhibition area and the inclusion of very important new sectors, it is aimed that the growth in the number of stands, the number of exhibitors and the area used in the exhibition will be at least 150%. 

As a result of all these changes, sector representatives who cannot find a place in ISAF will also be able to participate in ISAF with the growth of the field and benefit from the commercial movement created by the fair.

ISAF, which is among the world brand activities in the sectors it covers, in 2022, ISAF Security – 26th International Security and Homeland Security System, Equipment and Services Fair ISAF Fire&Rescue – 26th International Fire, Emergency, Search and Rescue Exhibition ISAF Cyber Security – 11th International Cyber Security, Information and Network Security Exhibition ISAF Smart Life – 11th International Smart Buildings and Smart Life Exhibition ISAF Safety&Health – 11th International Occupational Safety and Health Exhibition It will bring together 5 important sectors that are inextricably linked with each other.

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