License Plate Recognition System Has Become Mandatory in Malls

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License Plate Recognition System for Shopping Mall Car Parks

The License Plate Recognition System, which has been made mandatory to be installed at the Entry and Exit Points of Shopping Center Car parks, is also a great need for Shopping Center Managements

Shopping Mall Managements will be able to make detailed customer density analyzes with the data they will obtain from the License Plate Recognition System.

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The Regulation on the Amendment of the “Regulation on Shopping Centers” of the Ministry of Customs and Trade was published in the Official Gazette.

.Accordingly, a license plate recognition system will be installed and operated by the AVM management at the entrances and exits of controlled areas such as indoor and outdoor car parks in Shopping Centers. The data obtained from this system will be shared with law enforcement units instantly.

If deemed necessary by the Ministry of Interior in terms of public safety, an under-vehicle monitoring system will be installed and operated by the AVM management at the entrances of controlled areas such as indoor and outdoor parking lots.

Mall Parking Entry and Exit Control

Parking lot entry-exit points of shopping malls are taken under control. High (HD) photos, license plate information, entry-exit times of each vehicle entering and exiting the parking lot are recorded by the system and stored in a database based on year, month, day, hour, and very detailed reports are provided when necessary. Reports can be printed out and archived in PDF, Word, Excel formats with images.

Blacklist Vehicle Control

In case there are vehicles that you do not want to enter or exit the shopping mall parking lot, it is sufficient to enter this vehicle plate information into the system from the Black List menu. When the system detects a vehicle plate registered in the BlackList, it automatically generates an audible and visual alarm.

With the Black List feature, it is also possible to catch the vehicles sought by the Law Enforcement Forces.

(EGM) General Directorate of Security POLNET Integration

License Plate Recognition System can generate the necessary warnings by checking the resolved plate from the information in the POLNET (EGM WEB Service) database. (Permission Required for Integration)

Parking Occupancy Rate

ou can instantly see what percentage of the shopping mall parking lot is full and the number of vehicles inside.

Emergency Button

By integrating your parking barriers into the License Plate Recognition System; Terror Event, Flood, Fire, Earthquake etc. In such cases, you can keep the parking barriers open automatically, this allows the parking lot to be evacuated quickly. These transitions can also be reported. In such cases, the Plate Recognition System can be integrated with the existing fire alarm system, earthquake detection device, and in case of triggers from these devices, it creates an Emergency and brings all the barriers to the open position.

Excess Entry / Passage Alarm

The system generates an audible and visual alarm if there are vehicles with the same license plate that pass the specified number of times or more within the period (hour or day) specified by the management. (detection of a vehicle that is constantly entering and exiting the parking lot) In case of License Plate Recognition Cameras to be placed on the roads around the shopping mall, vehicles passing around the shopping mall at frequent intervals can also be detected.

Reporting Process (AVM Parking Lot Statistics and Graphical Reports)

Thanks to the detailed reports menu of the AVM “Shopping Center” License Plate Recognition System, it is possible to report vehicle entry-exit information, subscriber/automatic pass, guest vehicles, photos and license plates. This information is automatically sent to the e-mail addresses entered in the system at the desired time, together with the photos, with plate, date, time-based inquiry. You can get report lists in PDF, EXCEL, WORD formats. Thanks to Advanced General Reports, Statistics and Graphical Reports, you can easily access all of the following data:

Shopping Mall Parking Lot Recognition System General Reports;

  • License Plate Information, HD Resolution Photos of Vehicles, Date-Time Based Query, Subscription Information of Vehicles Information in which direction the vehicles are moving (Reverse Alert) Speeds of Vehicles Entering and Exiting the Shopping Center Parking Lot From which gate (point) vehicles entering and exiting pass Reporting of Black Listed Vehicles Saving All Information as WORD, PDF, EXCEL and Outputting from the Printer Automatically Sending Information to the Specified Mail Address with Photographs at the Specified Hours

Shopping Mall Parking Lot Recognition System Vehicles Inside Report;

  • Ability to Get Reports by Plate (with Wildcards) Ability to Get Reports According to the Parking
  • Times of the Vehicles (Detecting Vehicles Parked for a Long Time)
  • Reporting From Which Parking Point and On Which Date Vehicles Entered Saving All Information as WORD, PDF, EXCEL and
  • Outputting from the Printer Parking floors most used by vehicles (Plate Recognition Cameras Should Be Installed at Floor Crossing Points)

Shopping Mall Parking Lot Recognition System Statistics & Graphics Report;

  • Annual and Monthly Vehicle Entry Numbers (How Much Density Was in Which Years and Which Months)

  • Number of Vehicle Entrances by Hours (Which Hours Have More Vehicle Entrances)

  • Parking Times and Average Parking (How Long Do Vehicles Stay in the Parking Lot)

  • Number of Entrances by Provinces (The Number of Vehicles from Which Province License Plate Codes Entered)

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